Our studios are the heart of our operation and contain the best games development talent, knowledge and experience available.

With offices in Moscow, Novosibirsk and St. Petersburg, Plamee Studios has a proven track record of developing, launching, publishing and managing leading-edge mobile and social gaming products. The company consists of more than 200 employees with a significant number of staff directly engaged in developing and producing the highest quality games available.

The first Plamee title “Cake Story” was released March 15th on Facebook. Cake Story is a high-quality, cross platform match-three social game available on various social networks and soon on all mobile devices. Cake Story follows the adventures of a young chef who helps his grandparents recover their cafe. Since launch , Cake Story has shown immediate growth with over 200,000 monthly active users in its opening month.

Plamee studios will deliver additional high quality social and mid core games across 2015, follow us for more announcements coming soon.

Our Offering

Operational heartbeat

The best games development talent, knowledge and experience.

Significant expertise

More than 200 employees in total; aggregated senior management experience of several decades.

High quality games

Cake Story the first of many significant games released by Plamee Studios in March 2015.

Much more to come

Further four high-quality, mid-core games planned for 2015.