It’s all fair game when you run your own cartel in the official game of NARCOS.

Step into the dangerous and thrilling role of cartel kingpin in the official game of the hit television show NARCOS. Decide between leading through raw power or gathering respect through loyalty. Sometimes bad people do good things… In the end you must decide, will it be “Plata o Plomo”?

There is money and power to be made. From now on, nowhere is safe.


Learn the ropes of running an operation from El Patrón and manage your “relationship” with the law through Murphy and Pena. Enter the world of Narcos with exciting events and updates of content from the show.tes of content from the show.


Choose Plata and hire sicarios to follow your every order. Collect different sicarios, level them up and send them where you will.


Choose Plomo and send death squads to take over high value resources from other player cartels.


Develop your operation by building out your jungle finca with processing plants, product storage and defenses. Select smuggling lines and plans to maximize revenue.rage and defenses. Select smuggling lines and plans to maximize revenue.